Fewer clicks, more precision.

There are many things I like (and prefer) about how Final Cut X handles and edits audio: Roles, components, interactive waveforms, subframe editing (80 increments per frame), clip connections, Recording voiceover into the timeline, auditions – there are more and all of those features make editing faster and simpler – but for me, the things that make my job easier… Fewer clicks, more precision.

Whether it’s lowering volume on a section of audio, isolating a specific microphone, nudging piece of audio or trimming, the number of clicks is drastically reduced against other NLEs.

A single click and hold to extend or shorten audio, to add a fade to the end of a clip, to change a clip’s position in the timeline, or to change the volume of a clip, allows you to move faster while you’re working and spend less time thinking about the acrobatics that are involved in audio work.

Audio components also make life easier. Clips in your library can have original production audio, different channels, microphones, even sections of a channel can be turned on and off and then tucked away until you want another look.

Final Cut X can also work in 5.1 surround and mix file types in the same timeline, mono, stereo & surround. Speaking of surround, panning can be keyframed. The idea of “track� restrictions is gone. No need to define mono tracks, stereo tracks, surround tracks and no restriction on the number of tracks. For projects which require extensive sound work, editing can proceed and Roles keep your clips organized (more on Roles in an upcoming post & in the “Smart Collections� entry.)

Another bonus of Final Cut X is the “Music and Sound Browser.� It provides quick access to all of your sound effects, your itunes library, anything you created in Logic X or Garage Band and a basic built-in sound library that ships with FCP X. Easy preview, drag into timeline, searchable.

Hear the goodness.


Why FCP X?
Audio, audio, audio

Music by T.D. Lind
On Spinout Records

Plug-ins used:

  • Ripple Training Callouts
  • FCPEffects 3d Perspective (discount FCPXPRO70)
  • MotionVFX mBehavior (discount whyfcpx20)

Mixed by Ted Caplan

Produced, written & cut by Mike Matzdorff @ miguma