The Definitive Book on Feature Film Workflow

Final Cut Pro X: Pro Workflow is chock-full of battle tested tips and workflow techniques from the first major studio feature edited from start to finish in Final Cut Pro X.

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Sync FCPX Libraries in a MultiUser Environment? Yes!

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Why FCP X in the Editing Room?

It’s well loved by the editors who used it, but what makes FCP X so special?



Slip, slide, advance, delay, J, L, swap, heads, tails. There are a multitude of ways to trim in FCP X.

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Whether it’s lowering volume on a section of audio, isolating a specific microphone, nudging piece of audio or trimming, the number of clicks is drastically reduced against other NLEs.

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“Final Cut Pro X: Pro Workflow is a fast and fascinating read…it could easily be considered essential reading for anyone interested in the cutting edge of post production”

Jonny Elwyn

Film Editor

“Fantastic Book – Must Read By Anyone Interested In Larger, Complex Workflows, and fans”

Ben Balser

Final Cut Pro X Trainer,

“This book is an indispensable tool that all FCPX editors should read”

Adam Schoales

Film-maker, Editor

“What it does…is answer the critics who have said that Final Cut Pro X isn’t a professional tool”

Scott Simmons

Pro Video Coalition

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Michael is a seasoned editor, director and writer. His credits include Fight Club, Meet Joe Black, Analyze This. He was the writer and director of the 2009 film, Feed the Fish.

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